We are proud to announce the release of THE DIVING BELLS EP.  A project Kathy Zielgler & Jennie have been working on for a couple of years. You can show your support  by buying the download. Right now the EP is available as a digital download. You'll hear a collaboration that has been brewing for a while....a little challenging since Jennie lives in N.Y. and Kathy in the Netherlands...we will keep you posted on tours...
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holiday show 12/18


video from Europe tour

When David Lynch needs suitable music for a scene with a lonely bar
in the middle of America, in the night cowering in the depths of some
lost characters and the coyotes howling outside, then he could draw
blindly from this troubadour . The American was already with the
Cowboy Junkies and 10,000 Maniacs on the road and impressively
combines country and folk with melancholy and longing.

-KULTURSPIEGEL (German Magazine)

review of Jennie Lowe Stearns’ Blurry Edges 2011 CRS


when jen sends me a song to soak in,  it tends to stick around for days after just one listening

the woman is haunted by song and she exersises them little devils by singin' the hell out of  'em

what's left is angelic

and tends to stick around here for days stuck  floating just above

- howe gelb


 Jennie Stearns
" sings of a sorrow that guides her new direction and tinges her lyrics, though she sets it out so beautifully that it never feels overbearing. I tend to find albums that dwell on heartbreak a little depressing, but Stearns’ is told in a complex portrait. It has glimpses of a life - ‘dancing to Neil Diamond/in a dive in New Hampshire’ - as well as of that life’s frustrations, namely an uninspired partner: ‘You, captive in your bed…watching the sand drip down’. These quotes are from the opening track,Shadows on the Water. From then her songs create flashes of scenes that are gone before you can figure them out and form tragic characters like Frida that intrigue you in their poetry. If you were going to distinguish Stearns from better-known artists such as Gillian Welch and Cat Power, you need only to listen to these enchanting lyrics. A genuine song-writing talent.
Blurry Edges, alluding both to the state of mind in which it was written as well as its soft style, is used to finish the album. It is another great song but it brings a final note of optimism: ‘Sing, sing, until you’re warm’. Katy Browse - Maverick Magazine UK Aug 2011

 Check out the Radio Free Songclub for their 14th show, Jennie's song
'Stone' is the first song on the show (only available on this show), sounds beautiful thanks to the Radio
Free allstars backing her up....this song is brand new...recorded lowfi in Jennie's
attic...but the 'All Stars' make up for Jennie's hasty recording...hasty but tasty.

Grange Hall show with Victoria Williams


Review of Blurry Edges

 click here to check out the review of the new album

Free Digital Single

Check out his wonderful digital single series that the folks from Radio Free Song Club put out. last spring I was at their live show at the Living Room in NYC and Victoria Williams and Kate Jacobs joined me on stage...more details below... : ) jennie

Mighty Diamonds..A song about seeing a band in the afternoon, and life’s fullness. Mournful, joyful, dark and bright all at once. A gorgeous live recording from a club show with Radio Free All Stars Dave Schramm, David Mansfield, JD Foster, Paul Moschella, Andy Burton and Doug Wieselman, with Victoria Williams and Kate Jacobs on backing vocals. Thank you, Jennie.radiofreesongclub.com/songs

 Although there certainly is a lot more spooky western Americana bands working these days than ever before, Jennie Lowe Stearns adds a lot of her own individuality to this new genre. Her music is filled with nice imagery delivered in interesting melodic lines. It could be arranged many ways and still be successful, but I am thankful she has added some psychedelic keyboards to the basic Americana acoustic guitar and rhythm section work. The atmosphere is one where you can focus on the grounded song or let go and float off into the poetry. Her voice is the real work of art here and makes everything come alive. I have not too many songs like “Under Water” where the conveyed message gives me such a cinematic feeling on the lyrics. I will be replaying this many times and expect to have different favorite songs each listen. But as good as the songs are, it is the fully developed world of the album as a whole the reaches me. The edges may be blurry (especially with the great fuzz guitar in the title cut), but they no blurrier than a Monet landscape. 

© David Hintz
Folk Word UK